YS are working on getting the exclusive rights to sell quality yachts and quality products for the marine industry. Knowing what works in the harsh environment the sea offers we aim to offer the best product for the Scandinavian market. Please contact us with your requirements. We are Scandinavian dealers of Boero Yacht Paint and Coatings. Currently, we are working on a WebShop for this products. If you want to buy any Boero products, please contact us. If you want more information, please press the logo below.

Deck and engineering supplies
YS can supply you with what you need when you need it, we also have extensive contact with engineers, technicians and sub contractors that know what is required when doing work on a superyacht. Scandinavia is highly focused and experienced in all marine related work as we have long and rich traditions within shipping and petroleum production in the North Sea.

Yachting Scandinavia
Phone: +47 977 68 100