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Yacht charter
Yachting Scandinavia AS offers yachts for charter in Scandinavia through our serious contacts in the yacht charter market. Chartering a yacht in Scandinavia is very different from chartering a yacht in the Caribbean or in the Mediterranean. To make sure you get what you want and expect we have chosen the companies that supply the right yachts with the right level of equipment for Scandinavian Waters. In addition we will supply sailing directions and route planning based on your itinerary and your experience.

This is not the most cost effective way of chartering a yacht in Scandinavia, but definitively the safest and best way of sailing your charter yacht comfortably in waters which with some guidance offers unspoilt pleasure around every Island.

Yachting Scandinavia AS can also organize more artic Adventure’s, like North Of Norway trips, whale watching and trips to Svalbard. We have very good contact with companies specializing in adventure sails and adventure yacht charter.

YS offers a selection of fine yachts for sale in Scandinavia and worldwide. With our extensive knowledge of the market and our worldwide contacts we are able to find the right yacht for your requirements. YS will find the right yacht for the right price and do all the necessary checks to enable you to do enjoy your new yacht without any difficulties. YS can recommend surveyors, manage the paperwork and offer finance for your dream yacht. Please contact us for your requirements

Clearance and local government formalities and documentation
Scandinavia being relatively new to superyachts and their special requirements has rules and regulations that are based on commercial shipping and fishing. Yachting Scandinavia AS knows how important it is for the Owner(s), guests and Captain to smooth things out and make the entry to a new country trouble free and enjoyable. We will make sure that “our” yachts comply with rules, regulations and by-laws by doing most of the formalities in advance and by making sure the Captain fully understands the requirements.

Since Norway is not a full member of the EU you can check in here and enjoy another 18 months use of your yacht in EU waters! Contact us for Temporary Import documentation and we will ensure that you have the right paperwork onboard when the Customs ask you for VAT/TVA documentation.

Berthing and local knowledge
Yachting Scandinavia AS can also arrange special berthing requirements in places of special interest, such as being in the Fjords or in more urban areas. Local knowledge is very important in Scandinavia, as traditionally, facilities are not directed towards large yachts. We can help you plan your cruise so you see what is worth seeing and avoid the hassle of going to harbours not suitable for yachts.


YS can arrange for accommodation for Owners, Guests or Crew when required. We can also arrange for longer term rental of summer houses when the Owner or Guests have need for something on land.

Charts, guidebooks and specialized knowledge.

We supply up to date and relevant local charts and guidebooks which are essential equipment when sailing in Scandinavia. Scandinavian waters are very well marked, lit and charted but it pays off having some local knowledge about where to go, what to avoid and how to have a successful stay. Distances and weather is less of a problem than most people think, so by planning and executing your cruise together we can make it a trouble free and very enjoyable experience. YS can also supply pilots and local dive experts when specialist knowledge is required.

Duty free fuel and provisions

YS supplies duty free fuel and any other provisions you might need whilst in Scandinavian waters. We supply any provisions directly to the yacht, but please let us know in advance if you require South African mussels or any other exotic produce; they might be hard to get to you in time if you are in a remote location!

Imports, logistics and customs clearance
We can organize all your shipping needs, containers, spare parts, crew uniforms and all other items by sea or air with experienced freight forwarders. We cooperate with big international freight experts which ensure that what you send or order is with you when you need it. We can organize “Yacht parts in Transit”, and sort out customs clearance and collect and deliver directly to you.

Refit and repair
Contrary to common belief Scandinavia is not necessarily more expensive for refit and repair than other European Countries. Scandinavia has a high level of skilled tradesmen in all aspects of ship building, construction and engineering. The yards we recommend are all very cost effective and equipped with the latest in shipbuilding and refit expertise.

Due to the amount of shipping, fishing and gas/ petroleum related off shore activities, there are facilities available for nearly any projects. These are manned with an effective and motivated workforce which come to work when expected, finish projects as agreed and have a keen interest in the future of the yard.

YS can arrange for all your transportation needs including cars, taxi, limousines, bikes, helicopter and flights in general. We can also organize for your guests to be greeted at the airport by one of our staff and be transported to the yacht on location. Ask us for a quote for all your travel needs. At times it might be appropriate to let the Owner(s) and Guest(s) take the short route by land to experience something different, we can arrange this in a safe and secure way so the Owners and Guest enjoy their trip whilst the yacht is moved.

Crew placement
YS can supply day workers, temporary crew, delivery crew, nannies and security staff. The crew will mainly be Scandinavian and sometimes a Scandinavian crew member or nanny can make the cruise a little more interesting? Providing we have crew we can guarantee this service will be available through Yachting Scandinavia AS.

Polar Bears
For the adventures yachtsman Northern Norway, Svalbard and Iceland can definitely offer a spectacular experience. With the right advice, charts, pilots and cruising plan there really is no excuse for not taking in this breathtaking scenery, the wildlife and spectacular nature this part of Northern Europe has to offer.

We have the right contacts and the right people to guide you through what is seriously out of the beaten track. Contrary to popular belief the summer and autumn in the Northern Norway is comfortable, the water is clean and the fishing spectacular. Please let us know your requirements and we will help you makes this a truly unique trip.

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